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Individual Therapy

Your intense drive to succeed has paid off in so many ways, but lately that drive has turned into spiraling thoughts of negativity. You're not worthy. You're not doing enough. You feel judged by others. It keeps you awake at night and eating away at your confidence. 

You feel exhausted from "being your best self". You find yourself using work to avoid and isolate from your friends and family. The cloud of dissatisfaction and self-doubt won't go away.

In therapy, I'll ask you A LOT of questions. It helps to figure out where the worry and inner critic comes from and how it serves you. So that we can figure out when it overwhelms you. We'll identify patterns of thinking that influences your mood and how you view yourself. We'll develop shifts in how you make sense of and respond to your experiences and relationships.

You'll see the value of the "negativity" and judge yourself less. You'll feel less weighed down and your sense of self will improve. You'll begin to have more space and capacity to alleviate your distress.  

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